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Workshop Service & Facilities

Pro-draulics have a fully equipped modern workshop which caters for in-house repairs and testing of a large range of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. We have a “Clean Room” for all those extraordinary requirements.

Pro-draulics machinery and equipment include:-

  • Large lathe
  • Small lathe
  • Bench lathe
  • Test bench
  • Strip bench
  • Large milling machine
  • Small milling machine
  • Parts washer
  • Sandblast unit
  • Spray booth
  • Welding – mig, tig and stick 

Pro-draulics in house services allows us to fully repair and test:


  • Pump, motor, valves and other hydraulic components
  • Cylinder servicing and testing, including honing and high torque nut cracking capabilities
  • Machining, welding and milling
  • In-house oil conditioning monitoring and sampling
  • Repairs and overhaul of all hydraulic and pneumatic components


Pro-draulics have the ability to adapt to all Customer requirements.  Previous experience has been vast and varied:

  • Supply and installation of service pit equipment pit jacks etc.
  • Supply and installation of the mechanical system to operate hydraulic louvres to protect from the blazing sun.
  • Repairing 10 metre long cylinders for mine sites.
  • Automatic open gear grease lubrication system.
  • Normet underground explosive rig refurbishment.
  • Supply and installation of grease lubrication system to a 998 loader.
  • Installation of a hide puller, & commission of hydraulics.
  • Anode body press refurbishment.
  • Crane inspections 10 year hydraulic testing.
  • Service of engineering training equipment for local training authority, lathes, mills, press etc.
  • Local Refineries on site audits, inspections & overhauls of power units
  • Drill rigs, concrete pumping trucks, loaders, excavators, forklifts, telehandlers, scissor lifts, elevated work platforms etc.

We have designed and manufactured power units, motors, pumps and cylinders to suit the application required.  We have the aptitude and the “can do” approach for all hydraulic and pneumatic work in the North Queensland and surrounding areas.  With our in house facilities, we have the skills and abilities to design and manufacture power units and lubrication systems up to 5000 litres.

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